For years around a school playground a group of artists and friends shared a dream of having a studio space from which to work, collaborate and sell their handmade goods. But with small children to take care of dreams often get put on hold until later. When a perfect space became available it was time to turn that dream into a reality.


Leaf Studios in Kallista is the embodiment of that dream. Sharing the space between six artists makes for a creative hub. With a central room used for a retail store and shared communal space, it’s perfect for collaborations and workshops. The shared communal space can be inspiring and create an environment for sharing ideas and knowledge as well as learning new techniques. It’s the perfect place to hold workshops and art classes, both by the studio artists and people from outside the space.


The diverse range of talent at the studios means the workshops provide a great variety to choose from. With so much artistic energy flowing through Leaf’s veins, the dream of a studio space that could become a creative hub is well underway.


Amy Laker Bruni


Inspired by our natural environment, Lillebeart mimics, recreates, encapsulates, and re-imagines botanical specimens into jewellery, wearable art pieces and practical everyday homewares.

Aware of how humans are impacting the living world,  we often need little reminders to re-solidify the connection to the universe and Mother Nature many of us feel. By wearing these treasures or using them in the more mundane tasks of a busy life, the soul is soothed and passion reignited to explore the world around us.

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Nik Tardrew

Lucy Bad Dog

Nik works with a variety of materials including socks, hand painted felt, crochet, knitting and fabric.  She draws on a wide variety of techniques to create strange monsters and other fantastical creatures embellished with embroidery, buttons, found objects, polymer clay, resin casting and carved bone.  Lucy Bad Dog was named to commemorate the eponymous dog who was very sweet but so naughty we used to joke she thought her name was Lucy Bad Dog.

Katherine Tyson (nee Herriman)
Bree Thomas


My name is Bree Thomas. I live with my husband, my three children and two dogs.
I have lived in the Dandenong Ranges as long as I can remember, having grown up here, it is where I draw and make things.
My works are produced with a variety of mediums including one or any- ink, pastel, pencil, paper, textiles and fibre.
My main inspiration is the natural world. I have an interest in the critters and objects found around me, I especially love the little things that others may not see- the insects; the beautiful minutiae.  I love to learn the names, including Latin nomenclature of things I find, I study and read up on habits, habitats, behaviours, life cycles and try to incorporate this study into my work......

Kaylie Rogers connects her art to nature and her artworks are symbolical and sometimes abstract mixed media pieces. She also works with the elements by making incense blends, sticks, cones and assorted smudge sticks and accessories with herbs grown in her cottage garden. Fallen branches, rocks and leaves all play an integral part of her art whether that be lines, shape, form and colors that reflect the Australian landscape. 

Nadia Turner
Wayward Harper

Melbourne artist and illustrator, Nadia Turner works in several mediums, including acrylic on wood and canvas, ink and watercolor, paper and textile collage. Her influences stream from many areas, from the art of the surrealists, especially that of Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington, the Pre-Raphaelites, traditional folk art, various children’s books and of course, ancient myth, symbolism and legends. “I am fascinated by other worlds and other cultures. In my work I am trying to capture a moment in a characters life and evoke a sense of otherworldliness. Just like when you look at an old photograph, I want you to wonder….. who are these creatures?……what worlds do they live in?…and what are their dreams?”

77 Monbulk Rd, Kallista

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